Conchiglie rigate

CONCHIGLIE RIGATE or Shell One of the most beloved forms of pasta in the world. Due to the rough and porous surface, it easily holds any sauce both inside and outside the product.

Tubetti rigati

TUBETTI RIGATI or Ribbed Tubes, are hollow tubes with a fluted surface, from 4 to 6 cm, with a straight cut. This shape of paste holds thick sauces well by filling the inner voids. Good for baking and side dishes.


FUSILLI or Spindle Figured paste with a length of 4-6cm in the form of a spiral. This shape holds the sauce well both on the inside curves and on the outside, covering the whole product. The most common combination is fusilly pasta and pest sauce. This shape is good for baking, side dishes, and salads.


Cavatappi or Corkscrew pasta is similar to the curls of a corkscrew. It goes well with simple sauces. And thanks to its shape, it can be used in salads and casseroles.

Pipe rigate

PIPE RIGATI or Swirls is a non-standard form of pasta provoking culinary experiments for every beginner and professional!
The shape resembles a snail shell, due to which it retains thick gravies, meat and vegetable pieces and other ingredients in the cavity.
A rough and porous surface perfectly holds and covers the product also outside. It is most often used with cheese sauce.

Penne rigate

PENNE RIGATE or Ribbed Feather is one of the most common types of short pasta in Italy. A hollow tube with a beveled edge is made on a bronze matrix due to a rough and porous surface, perfectly combines  with meat and vegetable sauces, capturing a thick base and holding it inside.