Spicy Cavatappi Pasta

30 min.
400 g
Spicy Italian sausages
300 g
Heavy cream
300 ml
White wine
100 ml
Tomato paste
1,5 tbsp.
Sun-dried tomatoes
100 g
½ pc.
Parmesan cheese
100 g
Mozzarella cheese
200 g
as a garnish
3 cloves
1 bundle
Sour cream
1 tbsp.
Salt, freshly ground black pepper
to taste
Вried oregano
to taste
Аlakes of red chili pepper
to taste


  1. Boil cavatappi until al dente for 11 minutes in salted water in a large saucepan Before draining all the water, pour about 100 ml of water into a glass. The high content of starch in this water will then make the sauce thicker and silky.
  2. Heat the olive oil in a large pan, take out the contents of Italian sausages, chop the minced meat with a wooden spatula and evenly spread over the pan surface. Fry, stirring until the minced meat becomes golden in color. Let the minced meat burn a little, this will give the dish an additional unique taste. 
  3. Cut the onion into small cubes and add to the minced meat. Continue to fry over medium heat until the onion is golden and soft. 
  4. Finely chop the sun-dried tomatoes, and tear the spinach manually. Add both ingredients to the minced meat and mix well. 
  5. Season with salt, freshly ground black pepper, dried oregano and flakes of red chili pepper. 
  6. Free up some space in the center of the pan and fry tomato paste on it. Then mix well with other ingredients. 
  7. Deglaze the resulting homogeneous mass with white wine. 
  8. When the alcohol from the wine evaporates, scrape the burnt elements with a spatula and pour with heavy cream. Reduce the heat and simmer the sauce for 3-5 minutes. Check for spices, season to taste. 
  9. Sprinkle with grated parmesan, add sour cream and chop mozzarella. Save some parmesan as a garnish. 
  10. Add boiled paste into the sauce and add a little starch water, this will give the sauce an additional density. 
  11. Sprinkle with remaining parmesan before serving. Buon appetito!